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Our mission is to give the Asian traveller a great experience of the Faroese nature and culture IN their own language.


Our tours and packages are for small groups from minimum 3 persons and up to 7 persons. You can travel alone but then you pay the minimum price which is for 3 people. Adults pay full price, children 4-12 years old pay half price and small children 0-3 years old are free. The 4th - 7th person pays a predetermined price, look on tours for further information.

Lunch box, including Asian food, snacks and beverages are included in every tour.

Our Guided Tours

Sightseeing and boat trip to scenic views and rich birdslife

From 2.250 DKK pr. person

Experience the most famous places in Vágar Island and hike to Trælanípan

From 1.850 DKK pr. person

Experience Tórshavn, Kirkjubøur and Sandoy Island

From 1.755 DKK pr. person

Kalsoy Island: See amazing view and where some of the James Bond scenes were filmed in “No Time To Die”

From 2.420 DKK pr. person

Golden Circle: Experience beautiful landscape and small cozy settlements

From 1.620 DKK pr. person

Sightseeing and private boat trip to the best view of Vágar Island

Fixed price: 10.500 DKK for 1-7 persons

Mykines Island: See the Puffins

From 2.560 DKK pr. person

3 Days Full Guided Tour

From 4.960 DKK pr. person

5 Days Full Guided Tour

From 9.120 DKK pr. person

Private Custom Tour

Play Badminton

Your Guide

Fai Yin Wong

Our guide speaks Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, Cantonese, English and some Faroese, the local language, and will be with you on every tour.

Fai Yin Wong is a Malaysian Chinese and has been living in the Faroe Islands for some years.

He is a former badminton player who has played at international level for several years. The last few years he has been working as a badminton coach. 

Wong likes the Faroese nature and loves hiking, fishing and meeting new people. 

He will do his best to give you a good and pleasant experience and understanding of the Faroe Islands in your own language.

What is included?

Lunchbox, including Asian food, snacks and beverages are included in every tour.

What to wear?

We recommend our customer to wear hiking shoes and warm/waterproof clothes.


Luxury and high comfortable Mercedes V Class 7 seat is used for transport in all our tours.


We can arrange Hotel or other accommodation and make reservations for restaurants.

Customer Reviews

Many thanks to Wong for showing us around the Faroe Islands. Luckily we met him in this unknown place. We are from Malaysia. Wong is very attentive. He will roughly understand our preferences through the communication and then help us plan our itinerary. He is also very receptive to our opinions. Thank you for your patience in answering all our questions and your food recommendations which gave us the opportunity to taste very authentic local food! Wong also knows Faroese culture well and is willing to share about his life in the Faroes so that we can gain a deeper understanding of the local people's daily life and habits. Because of you, this trip to the Faroe Islands will surely be unforgettable! Thanks again and hope to see you again in the near future! Can be highly recommended.

- Jojo and Jayson

Last Christmas was particularly memorable because we spent it in the faraway Faroe Islands. For my tour guide ~ Ah Fai, I give the highest praise! ! Ah Fai is professional and patient, and he also understands the local language, giving us a very good experience. He tried his best to do whatever we asked him to do. In just a few days, we felt the warm care. Such an excellent tour guide is highly recommended! ! 👍💯

- By Six girls who love traveling, Kristy, Eunis, May, Maggie, Shirlina, Chooi Mei

Initial evaluation of this Faroe Islands service:#Tour guide personal:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 stars) Ah Fai understands multiple languages, including Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Faroese and Malaysian. Communication is easy ~ he can customize personalized services, ask about needs, and do his best to pick up and drop off ~ he works hard and takes care of us like a big brother! In addition, Ah Fai has a cheerful and talkative personality, and is a good old friend! With strong execution and meticulous work, he will try his best to meet your needs! His driving skill, I have nothing to say, and you don't even feel a single bump on the road.Recommended restaurants and places are never disappointed you, rave reviews! Ah Fai the big brother also thoughtfully sent us private messages to prepare snacks and water for us. The air conditioning temperature can also be adjusted upon negotiation.

#vehicleexperience:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 stars) The pure black Mercedes-Benz, due to my selfishness, I just like the black lacquer Mercedes-Benz, which looks luxurious and majestic. Moreover, the seats are spacious and comfortable, with many empty seats, high comfort, and can store bags and other sundries. The air-conditioning and heating air volume are both sufficient. Even in rainy winters, clothes can be dried quickly. There seems to be spring dampening. Anyway, we can sit very smoothly.

#attractionscheck-in🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 stars) Every place I went had a beautiful landscape, and the recommended places were all very impressive. The tour guide even recommends the most beautiful composition, and any time you take a photo, you will find high-quality photos that are highly praised by friends. The landscape is beautiful, and it has a unique flavor no matter what the weather is. There is even a little-known blue mailbox check-in spot, which is so cool! ! ! Action is worse than excitement, so why not pack your luggage immediately and contact Ah Fai to go to Faroe together🇫🇴! ! ! !

- Tora, Sylvia, Zena, Sara


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