5 Days

Group of 3-7 people.

Price for 3 persons: 27.360 ,- kr.

Price pr. person 9.120 ,- kr.

Price pr. extra person 7.000 ,- kr.


    Day 1

    Experience Tórshavn, Kirkjubøur and Sandoy Island

    Hours: 6 (9am -15pm)

    • Sightseeing in Tórshavn, the capital, where you will see the most important places in the city centre.
    • See small settlements, beautiful and serene landscapes, traditional and ancient lifestyle of the Faroese people.

      Day 2 

      Golden Circle: Experience beautiful landscape and small cozy settlements

      Hours: 6 (9am -15pm)

      • Enjoy a guided tour around old cozy settlements while at the same time you can see beautiful landscape. You will see places like Saksun, Tjørnuvík, Gjógv, Risin & Kellingin, Fossá and drive through Eysturoyartunnilin, which includes the world's first undersea roundabout, as well as an impressive art installation.

      Day 3 

      Sightseeing and boat trip to scenic views and rich birdslife

      Hours: 6 (9am -15pm)

      • Visit the two small villages Leynar and Kvívik. Drive to Vestmanna and take the boat trip to the Birdcliffs which takes 90 min. You can expect a scenic view, get into grottos, get close to the towering cliffs, through narrow sounds and see all the birds. This tour also includes sightseeing and photo stops on the old road up the mountainside back to the accommodation - along Oyggjarvegin.

      Day 4 

      Kalsoy Island: See amazing view and where some of the James Bond scenes were filmed in “No Time To Die”

       Hours: 8 (8:30am -16:30pm)
      • Drive to Klaksvík from your accommodation. Sail with the boat for 20 minutes to Syrðadalur in Kalsoy Island. In Kalsoy you will see The Seal Woman (Kópakununa) and hike to Kallur Lighthouse surrounded by extraordinary scenery and you will also be able to see exactly where some of the James Bond scenes were filmed in “No Time To Die”. If there is time when getting back to Klaksvík, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view towards Kalsoy Island from Kunoy Island and walk around in the cozy plantation there.

      Day 5

      Experience the most famous places on Vágar Island and hike to Trælanípan

      Hours: 6 (9am -15pm)

      • See all the highlights on Vágar Island and hike to Trælanípan, where you will see the unique vision of the lake, Leitisvatn, appearing to be floating above the ocean. As our journey crosses the island we will stop to experience the majestic views and experiences and you will have opportunities to take pictures. 


      • 5 guided day tours in a small group
      • Malaysian Chinese tour guide
      • Sightseeing
      • Transport
      • Hiking fee
      • Boat ticket
      • Sightseeing boat ticket
      • Snacks and beverages
      • Lunch box, including Asian food
      • Pick-up and drop-off at accommodation or other desired location